Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pronunciation murder

Hahaha.. i found this in my blog drafts. Something i'd written in college, i think :D hehe.

There are 3 Analysis classes:
1)Entity class (yawn!)
2)Boundary class (oh really?)
3)Control class (WHO CARES!!?)

So according to our (read Ahver) eggamble whigh one is the yentity class?
Yemblayee. Am i correct?

No reaction from the other side.

You see.. there is architecture yembedded through all the phases.
(Oh really?? Why don't you write your own thesis! and give us a break!)
Yes.. Let me ask our madam here. What is architecture? She seems to be feeling sleep.
(Yes, thats me)

(I managed to blabber something.. ha ha. Atleast i heard the question. Some unfortunate souls face a very sorry situation of not knowing the question!
Ha ha.
Sounds like Natarajan Sir's class. Or am i wrong?

I miss Tamil Nadu <3 accent.="accent." and="and" awesome="awesome" p="p" that="that">

Monday, July 02, 2012

Barfi anyone? ;)

Dear Indian language freaks!
Sowkyamaaa?? :)

I am a malayalee working in Bangalore who lived in Tamil Nadu during her school and college life and whose parents grew up in the North. I have a mix of mallu, tamil, telegu, kanadiga, punjabi, guju, bengali .. you name it friends! I speak on behalf of I guess a majority of South Indians who feel this way.. ( No, i am not from Chennai,  no, Coimbatore is not in kerala!! ). Well, the earliest memory of mine, of me in a language fix goes all the way back to the 6th std when i went to sanjini's birthday party. It was in the evening and all of us kids started to dig in to all the yummy food. So I walked towards my seat with a pretty mouse egg ( boiled egg with cardamom eyes and a tail made of another spice ) when it falls off my plate!!! I scream.. "Oh.. my Motta!!!!!, which in malayalam means " Oh my Egg" . Apparently Motta or rather mottai means bald in Tamil. GREAT. Sanjini's driver starts roaring with laughter.. and so did many others.! My claims about the word being mallu went to deaf ears. *Sigh* It sucks being the odd one out!! School canteen.. back when i wore the stanes Blue pinafore, I squeeze between all the big kids around the canteen counter and loudly say.. " Uncle..rund bonda, please". Roars of laughter all around. What?? What did i say now???? So, i cant say "Erendu" or "Rendu" like all you pakka tamil or mallu folks. MOVE ON!! Soo.... that was IT!!! No more tamil or Hindi or malayalam! ;P

Just a normal day in office and some of us were discussing about Hindi and south indians ..bla bla. someone ponders about what Ice is called in Hindi. Navya says Baraf. When i ask, "what is icecream in Hindi??" and then before anyone could answer..I say,< Eureka moment ;) >" Barfi!!!!!!!!!!"

Shame. Embarrassment.

Anyway... Dear, North Indians..I'm sure you have a good laugh when you hear us southies attempt Hindi!!
But, you know what - This is what i have to say about you :) No matter whether you are from central, east or west India, you are still north Indian to me. Yes, including punjabi's from Calcutta ;) who claim they are from the "east". yes. and I'm from the south west. But i studied in the south east and now i am studying in uhm central south India!!! chillax macha. . life is simple. you are from the north.i am from the south.  we speak in Hindi and you laugh. we stand. you laugh. we talk. you laugh. we breathe. you laugh.. okay.. i'm getting carried away ;) :P its no surprise that most south Indians refuse to speak Hindi! We just DON'T!

Anyhoooo.. i admit there are some southies who are reallllly annoying.. in such cases, you can go ahead and rag them :D Not us simple barfis, please!

Sonnet for you, Love

Hey you.. I wrote a song for you
Sounds like your heart in slow motion
Feels like a breath of the ocean
I sing with the moon and the stars
I sing of every memory of ours

Hey you.. I wrote a song for you
Its a sonnet for you, love
I'mma strummin it down and up
Takin you places I know of
In my dreamy dreamy world

Hey you.. I wrote a song for you
In your eyes, fireflies
In your smile, paradise
Hey you.. i wrote a song for youuu..

Friday, November 07, 2008



Have you seen the moon rise?
A-glittering in the sky.
I wonder who she's looking at,
I know I'd melt like chocolat..
I watch the translucent grey clouds sail,
But she hides behind their misty veil.
She hushes my heart in the blue of the night
She brings awe to every heart tonight.
Oh! Shine on me your wondrous peace
Your light doeth, my heart appease
The world below is fast asleep,
You alone our secrets keep
I dream away this blissful night.
Shine on me, Oh glorious light!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Atoms in an excited state emit energy

Yea, So being the last minute dimwit that I am, its no surprise when I end up packing my bag to go someplace approximately 20 minutes before I have to leave. You know... to keep my life exciting,thats all. ;) Who's gonna waste time in packing their bags 3 hours ahead. No. Not me. I need an EXCITING life. Yea, thats me. Miss Exciting. Sometimes I feel I need to kick those excited electrons in my butt to a distant place called Sanity. Where normal people live their non-exciting lives with their prim bags packed well before the idea of packing crawls into my head.

A round of applause please.. Thank you.Thank you.

So my train is at around 11. (I think) Miss exciting here, doesnt even know the time she's supposed to get there. Forget the place and how to get there.
So I decide to leave office by the 8.30 cab. It generally takes like an hour to get back home. Let me explain the situation here. Well the obvious thing is... I haven't packed yet. Duh.

So I'm waiting outside our building where the Cab list is put up. The cab list will tell you which cab you will be going in.

8.35 - No sign of the guy who puts up the cab list.

8.45 - Where is this guy??

8.55 - I have to catch a train. Where is this loser.?

9.05 - I have to pack!!!! \m/

Time to panic. I call up my roomie.

"Can you do me a favour? Can you take that green bag and put the stuff that i've put on top of that suitcase and put them inside the bag? "

*Detailed conversation follows*

The cab list dude finally shows up and we all jump into the cabs.!

So I get into the cab. And there are some other people in there with me. I'm thinking, I gotta get home fast and finish packing.

9.30 - Roomie calls.

*Ok, Lets play a game. It's called.. Guess what IT is.
IT's something all of us wear. Don't laugh. :|
It's something we all need to pack when we go someplace.
No, I'm not talking about a sweater! Or a Jacket. Or a Sock. Or a Shirt. Or a Skirt.
Yea.. THAT.


So She wants to know where THAT is. :|
I tell her. It's in my cupboard or outside only. And she's like where.

btw, I'm in the cab. So far i've been saying "it", "that" etc.
The mindless fool that I am, I blurt out the actual name. Yep.

My ----- ---- is there only!!!!

Sheesh. The silence in the cab could pierce a million ear lobes.

I not only DONT have the guts to turn back,(Where these guys I'm sure are stuffing their mouths and laughing) but I also have this urge to laugh my brains out.

My God. I'm sure my electrons are dead and gone to heaven. Poor things might have died of embarassment.

So I spent that very exciting ride pondering why, just why I need to live an exciting life!

So Yea, that's the EXCITING life that I live.

\m/ Wooohoo \m/

I love that! So totally rocks.


You know its been a long time since you've blogged when

* When the rest of the blogging world is using \m/

I mean, am I ancient or something? Now i know how old people feel when they look lost in this whole new hi-fi world.

Please don't kill me for trying :|

But i think \m/ is..

A)It's a mouth. With bunny teeth
B)Must be a hand.. You know that chilled out Rock symbol.. with your pinkie and index finger stretched out. Nah. Cant be that easy! :P

C)Top View of a man with a middle partition hair style going to hug someone.
D)Its a bowl of alphabet soup with only the letter m left.
E)I know.. It's a SNAIL! With someone going to beat its bum. Sheesh. What are you people!

F)Shit. Its a crown!! How did i miss out on that? Ah, I can see it. It's one of those plush purple royal looking ones with a gold rim.
G)You know, when i was young we used to call this symbol "palam". I think it used to mean that we're friends or something. Heh :| and there was this other symbol that we used to make with our fingers(Middle and index fingers crossed). It was called "Do". "I'm do with you" meaning, we 're not friends anymore.
How sad! *sigh*

I'm wondering whether all this is just some weird dream that i once had or whether it was actually something we silly kids did. It's funny actually! Us cute little things. Worrying about relationships way back then.!

I also think I need to apologize to the world. For being away. I haven't spoken to many people in ages and I'm sorry! Really really truely sorry! :(

So, if there was a time when i either didn't respond or i ignored you or forgot to do something for you or just forgot you, it just means that i'm egggausted.

I am exhausted. REALLY. I AM. Desperately needed a break. Even my Boss thought so. Heh.
So here goes.. "I'm just a girl standing in front of the world asking them to forgive her"

Sorry, ;) that line from Notting Hill kinda fit! Anyway, Be yourself and Be Nice. The world needs nice people.

Lots of love,


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Chennai is HOT!!

You really have to be prepared when you come to chennai. Really. I mean it's reallly hot and sultry.
Despite my numerous trips to the water counter, i don't think my brain would have ever understood those insane thoughts that whizzed around my head.

"I just drank a few minutes ago!!"

I went for a youth conference in Chennai.
8 of us girls in one room. By the time, all of us have a shower at night, it would have been 3 a.m. I've not seen 3 a.m in a long time!

So much for a few hours of sleep to satisfy our closing eyes.

When you think of water, you think of Pee.

That was a speed breaker sign. (:D Well, NOT ANYMORE!! Muhahahahaha)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

1.2.3 Dsshhum

On a hot sunny day,
In May
Three pretty girls,
Happy and gay

Wanted to have some fun
In the sun
Three pretty girls,
With a gun.

We're not here to kill
But chill
Three pretty girls,
Oh yes, we will.

Who said we can't aim?
We have to live up to our name!
Three pretty girls,
Rule at this game.

We shot those arrows,
What a graceful pose?
Three pretty girls,
The dust arose.

Bow and Arrow
Bullet and gun
To sum it all-
A day of fun.

P.S. That was not even a real gun and it was SO heavy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

In search of the Croissant

Breakfast at Coffee Blossom, Club Mahindra,Codagu Valley, Coorg

Today's special was croissant. Croissant is a very classy form of bread that is twisted and has flavours like Apple, Cheese,Chocolate etc.
There was also English muffin, toast, marmalade, jam, butter,coffee, porridge to complete that English Breakfast picture. Oh yes, and the sausage, omlette and salami for all the non-vegetarians.

Ah, heaven for a foodie like me!

Oh, we're not done here! How can we miss out on the good ol' Indian Yum-to-tum food?
Idli with coconut chutney, green chutney,tomato chutney and sambar. Masala Dosa made straight into your plate, (I didnt have it. Although it looked good on my sistah's plate)Vada, Something Karat or Karat Something (looked like bisibellabath-if you know what that is!), pav bhaji, lots of fruits, salad. Yea, I guess that's it!

Now, back to my Croissant story.. heh.. kinda got deviated by all that food in my head!

Despite the large variety of Croissant just placed there looking very pretty, and when we knew that there was a chocolate Croissant somewhere there, we knew we HAD TO GET THEM CHOCOLATE ONES!

Three rows of Croissant! Just looking at them was blissful! Ah, I love being a foodie. This totally rocks! Mum, Sis, Cuz and I looked equally clueless as to what was what!! They had conveniently just mentioned the names of the Croissant on a card next to the entire thing!!

P.S. Just remembered there was sugar coated donuts too. Was just divine.

So, we decided to ask the waiters there. Which is the chocolate one? Hmmm

That dude(God Bless Him), mumbled something and i just kinda looked like I was hit by a My-Brain-Can't-Comprehend bomb. (God Bless me too). So we understood it was pointless. So, the bulb breaking IDEA that we came up with was, Just eat 'em all!! haha :D

So Sis Ate: the 1st row extreme left one, and some other one.
Amy ate: 3rd row middle, the english muffin
Mom ate the extreme right and something else I guess.
I ate the donut and something which i don't think had any distinct flavour. I convinced myself it was white chocolate and ate it blissfully! Don't get me wrong, it was good! Actually reallllllly good.

So much for our trial and error tactic. It failed miserably. In the middle of all of this, Mum spotted the chef! Good job Mum! Right on. So she asked him. He told us that the 3rd one,first row was the chocolate and pointed out to the others too!! I dont remember exactly.

So, FINALLY we had found which one was chocloate. So Amy marched to the intimidating Croissant table and took a croissant from the 3rd plate on the first row. I asked her to get one for me too! ;)

And then, wait for it... wait for it.. wait for it..
Man, were we laughing!
So the 2nd plate on the first row HAD to be chocolate. So my sister finally decided to try them! (After a 5 minute gap of course for the rest of the food to digest! like duh..)
God bless us all 'cos this time it WAS CHOCOLATE!! Phew. I dont think i could have eaten anything more.
And all of us shared that one Croissant. Ah, bliss at last. A Chocolate Croissant to end the meal. I ended it with a south Indian Filter Coffee too. Lovely.
And that was the end of "In search of the Chocolate Croissant"!

A great breakfast to start our day!
My next post will include what we did the rest of the day!